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The best pitch deck design services
for world changing app startups.


A strong pitch deck is essential for presenting your app startup to potential investors. At ThinkLions, we specialize in developing winning presentations with strong pitch deck design to help you make the best impression during your presentation. The best pitch decks start with gathering the right information, crafting the perfect startup story, and of course, amazing pitch deck design that displays your startup effectively. Our pitch deck consultancy services give you access to several specialized startup professionals, including:

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1) Experienced pitch deck consultants that help you refine your idea, gather the right data for your pitch deck presentation, and create compelling content to highlight all the factors investors need to know about your startup.

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2) Award-winning presentation designers that can create amazing investor deck designs; capturing the personality of your startup and creating a graphically-enhanced pitch deck design that stands out among an audience.

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3) Mobile app designers that can convert your app idea into a visual wireframe to strengthen your pitch deck design and display how your app will look, flow and function.

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4) Pitch writers and coaches to help you build a deliverable pitch that successfully sells your startup. Our coaches work with you to ensure that you can pitch your idea confidently and effectively.

We have helped dozens of startups raise millions of dollars through professional pitch deck consulting and pitch deck design. As both an app development and startup consulting agency, we know exactly what it takes to create a winning pitch deck design that conveys the right message to investors.

Pitch Deck Design + Consulting

We aren’t just a pitch deck design agency; we are mobile app startup experts who know how to balance the right visuals with the right information to help you secure the investor funding that you seek for your startup. We build the best pitch decks for mobile apps and provide our clients with a host of pitch deck services, including:

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Pitch Deck Consulting

A business is more than just text and bullet points. Our expert consultants will help you create a lean startup strategy, investigate potential funding channels and craft the perfect deck for your startup. There are many steps to getting your startup funded, and our experts can help guide you through it all - from your pitch deck presentation and delivery, to your pitch deck design and beyond.

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Competitive & Market Analysis

The best pitch decks don’t just rely on great graphics, they offer solid information backed by hard and proven data. Our professional researchers will perform in-depth research on your customers, industry and competitors. We know exactly where to turn to find up-to-date data about your market, and exactly how to use this information to strengthen your pitch deck presentation.

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Pitch Deck Copywriting

A quality pitch deck design doesn’t just present information, it presents the right information in a way that perfectly conveys the message to potential investors. Our pitch deck consultants are highly experienced in writing concise but engaging investor deck content that sparks investor interest. When it comes to designing the best pitch decks, every word counts - our startup pitch decks speak the language that make investors want to invest!

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Pitch Deck Design

Your investor deck design will be a critical factor in how your brand is perceived by potential investors during a pitch deck presentation. Our designers have spent years designing dozens of winning pitch decks - resulting in millions of dollars raised. Working with our award-winning designers, you can be confident in knowing that your pitch deck design is in the best hands.