Think Lions

the app startup experience

Having an app idea is a long way from having a launched app. The most important step of building an app is establishing your idea and finding funding. We have worked with hundreds of start-ups in this phase, helping them elevate their simple app idea into a valid app concept and secure the funding required to build and launch their Minimal Viable Product.
With dozens of successful apps launched to date, our expert designers and developers know everything that it takes to bring your idea to life. We use an agile and lean-startup process to develop apps in the most efficient and effective way possible. For us, the goal isn’t to launch your app, but to ensure that your app is positioned for the greatest success once launched.
Most development agencies are finished once the app is launched, but we stick with our customers to the end. Our startup consultants and marketing experts will help you bring your app to users and grow your business through strategic, well-planned and proven marketing strategies.

Why work with us?

ThinkLions provides an end-to-end service for app startups that need more than just a development agency. We understand what it takes to bring your app idea to life, and to make it successful with investors and users in your audience.