Over the last several years, the growth of mobile apps have allowed us witness the launch of some of the most life-changing technology the world has ever seen. Unfortunately, these days, unique and interesting app ideas are few and far between – for every Uber there are 20 app copycats and for every Tinder there are 100 other swipe-based dating apps that you’ve probably never heard of. Developers know how to create an app, but creating unique, first-moving and extremely interesting apps? Well, that’s something only few tech entrepreneurs can truly achieve.

This post isn’t about the copycats. It’s not about the entrepreneurs who took a concept, added a small feature and claimed to have developed some “disruptive” new app idea. Instead, it’s about the innovators, the ones who saw a problem and created a new interesting way to solve that problem. Furthermore, we’ll show you what you can learn from these interesting app ideas so that you can come up with your own unique app solution.

In the following list, we’ll offer the ten most interesting app ideas that caught our attention. Here’s the awesome part, none of these apps are especially complicated – and they were created by someone just like you; a normal person with a great idea, a high level of commitment, and a focused follow thru.

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5. Dubsmash

the most interesting apps - dubsmash app screens

Dubsmash is a unique video recording app that was created by three German engineers in 2014. The app allows users to record and blend lip sync videos. With the app, users can choose their favorite music or sound clips, blend the content with their videos, add special effects to the video, and create one-of-a-kind videos that can be shared with their friends.

Like many other social type apps, Dubsmash feeds into our need to connect with one another – and to simply kill boredom. Dubsmash created a craze with users around the world; uploading and sharing millions of their fun (and often funny) lip sync videos. The hype around Dubsmash created a FOMO situation – users had a fear of missing out on the social action.

What really drove the Dubsmash craze was the participation of several celebrities. Whether it was Lewis Hamilton lip syncing to a sound clip of Chris Tucker in Rush Hour 2; or Hugh Jackman, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lopez or Rihanna lip syncing to their favorite clips – Dubsmash was able to create fans out of some of Hollywood’s most effective social influencers.

During the highest point of its popularity, Dubsmash served over 100 million users around the world.

Interesting App Ideas – Insights:
Your idea doesn’t have to be revolutionary, but it does have to be “different”. Being the first mover of an idea allows you to capture the market, and its influencers, with a fresh idea that has never been seen before. Influencers play a huge role in what consumers find ‘interesting’ – get them talking about your idea and their followers will do what they do best – follow.

4. Puddle and Pile

interesting new app ideas - puddle and pile

Wherever a problem exists, there will be an entrepreneur seeking to create a solution – and puppy poo is no different. Puddle and Pile is a puppy training app that allows pet owners to learn their canine’s toilet patterns, monitor their schedules, predict “puddle periods” and alert them before accidents happen. Relying on data inputs, the app uses smart technology to remind you when outside time is needed. Furthermore, collected data can be shared with veterinarians for diagnosis in case strange patterns arise.

Puddle and Pile was created by the Paul, Fiona and Keren Manser and is available for $1.99 in both the Apple App Store and the Android Play Store.

Interesting App Ideas – Insights:
Successful and interesting app ideas may not always be glamorous, but they solve problems for a large portion of their intend market. Whether you think a dog poop training app would gain mass success is a matter of opinion, but one thing is for sure; there are millions of dog owners around the world, and each and every one of them must deal with puddles and piles in one way or another!

3. Cheatsheet Widget

Interesting & Cool app ideas - Cheatsheet Widget

Let’s face it, security means everything – whether it’s the password to our email provider or a code to our gym locker. With so many passwords and codes to remember, security can become an issue when we accidently secure our items or accounts… from ourselves! Christopher Overholtzer, a California-based developer, had this same problem when he launched the Cheatsheet Widget in 2014. Like many of us, he found himself always forgetting his ID numbers and the passwords to his many accounts.

Cheatsheet is an app that helps your remember all of your codes and passwords – ID numbers, license plates, luggage combinations, bike lock combinations, locker combinations, and all those other numbers that we fail to remember from one day to the next. The app has over 150 hint icons to help users easily organize and locate their information. Cheatsheet is also compatible with the Apple Watch, making it ultra convenient to those who need to quickly pull up their code or password.

Interesting App Ideas – Insights:
Interesting apps don’t have to be complicated; sometimes simple mobile app ideas get the job done jus as well. Cheatsheet is an ultra simple app that provides an extremely beneficial service to a mass audience. While you may not use Cheatsheet everyday, users tend to rely on it heavily during certain times – such as when they are traveling and must remember their luggage codes. Don’t overcomplicate things – find a problem and create a simple solution to help others overcome it!

2. ParkJockey

Interesting app ideas - ParkJockey

There are dozens of parking apps available in the App Store; the issue is, many of them do not have the bandwidth (enough parking lot partners) to make them effective in a realistic setting. ParkJockey is a mobile app that connects drivers and available parking spots to eliminate the dreaded “parking spot search”. Specifically, the startup bridges the gap betweens drivers and parking lot operators; allowing drivers to find the most ideal parking spaces and book them instantly (pre-booking or real-time booking).

Park Jockey currently operates in the UK, Chicago, Miami, New York City and San Francisco. The startup has an estimated annual revenue of $4.2 million and has secured partnerships with several corporations including mobile payment services provider, PayByPhone; ticket sales company, Ticketmaster; the Miami Heat basketball team; American Airlines; Odeon Cinemas; and online reservations leader, ResDiary.

Interesting App Ideas – Insights:
Interesting app ideas usually aren’t the only solutions serving their market. In many cases, successful apps solve the problem better or more effectively. ParkJockey was able to secure the right partnerships to make their app as useful as possible within the markets that they serve. Look at your competition and find their strengths and weaknesses. Capitalize on their weaknesses to create an advantage.

1. Shapr

Interesting mobile app ideas - shapr

Hailed as “Tinder for networking”, Shapr is an app that helps professionals connect with one another. Using a sophisticated algorithm, Shapr provides users each day with several profiles of other professionals within their vicinity that have similar interests. A quick swipe to the left or right will indicate whether they want to connect with the professional, or pass on the opportunity. If both users swipe right (indicating they want to connect), messaging capabilities open up to allow the two to connect with one another.

Shapr was launched in 2014 and has raised over $16.5 million in funding from over 80 private investors. While other professional social media platforms exist (like LinkedIn), Shapr specifically targets millennials, who are growing more accustomed to the “gamification of life” – or the gamifying of processes to streamline them or to make them more effective. Shapr now has over a half million users active on the app and generated more than 3 million matches in 2017.

Interesting App Ideas – Insights:
The best app ideas aren’t always that innovative. Sometimes, an existing idea can be introduced to a new market to solve a totally different problem. Tinder, for instance, solves the issue of meeting interesting people – for dating. Shapr, on the other hand, solves the issue of meeting interesting people – but for professional purposes. Look for opportunities in existing apps – can that same technology be used to serve a similar problem for a totally different market? If so, you may have major opportunity!

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