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About ThinkLions App Startup Blog

We have one mission: to provide app entrepreneurs with the tips, advice and information that they need to succeed in their endeavors. The content we publish typically focuses on the areas of business planning, funding and fundraising, UI/UX, app design, app development, attracting users, retaining users, and succeeding as a tech company. On average, we publish approximately 1-2 articles each week.

Our audience mostly consists of app entrepreneurs: those in the concept stage, those who are in the midst of launching an app, and those who have an app on the market. We also have tech entrepreneurs in the web app space that frequently read our blog posts.

The app entrepreneurs that visit our site aren’t limited to one industry – they may have a dating app idea, or a productivity app ready in the MVP stage, or may have a financial app already succeeding in the market. The thing that ties them all together, is that they are startup tech entrepreneurs seeking information on how to move to the next level, regardless of which industry they are operating in.

Article Requirements

We are pretty much interested in any type of article that can help app developers succeed in their startup journey.
Here are the requirements for consideration:

  • Length: At least 1,250 words of descriptive, detailed and informational text.
  • Relevant to Audience: We are looking for unique, insightful and informative articles that are highly relevant to our audience. Articles about building apps, launching apps, app marketing, app success and app funding will be especially considered. We want articles that offer advice; stories about successful app entrepreneurs; and actionable insights that inspire, motivate and guide our readers. If you’re unsure whether your article idea is right for our audience, check out our previous articles to see what type of content we regularly publish.
  • Non-Promotional: We are seeking to promote the best information, not looking to be a platform for promoting any specific company, app, product or service. Again, we want articles that are informative, insightful, unique and helpful to our users.
  • High Quality: Articles that are low quality with an obvious intention of only gaining links will not be considered. We are seeking fresh and unique topics that have not been written about over and over again. Furthermore, it is critical that you proofread your article for spelling and grammar before submitting it to us for review.
  • References: The insights you provide in your article should be evidenced by credible sources. We expect each article to have at least 2 outgoing links referencing and crediting high quality sources that backup the article’s information. Outgoing links are checked for quality by our editors, and lack of citation to credible sources will significantly lessen the chance of your article being considered.
  • Links: We allow one link to the author’s homepage placed in their biography at the end of the article.

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