How To Create A Startup


We bring entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life with lean startup methodology


There is a big difference between an “app idea” and an “app startup”. At ThinkLions, we don’t just develop apps, we help to build successful mobile app startups that have the potential to scale widely and monetize properly. It isn’t just about launching an app, our experts know how to create a startup - profitable software businesses that serve users with real and effective solutions. We build app startups using Lean Startup methodology, and specifically by following this process:

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Develop A Minimal Viable Product

The most important step to launching a startup is to get it out there to consumers. Although many new app entrepreneurs plan to launch a full-fledged software from the beginning, this is not the best recommended strategy. Instead, app entrepreneurs should launch a minimal viable product to validate the demand for their solution, and then iterate over and over to continue to learn about their customer.

At ThinkLions, we work with app startups to define their MVP strategy. We know how to create a startup properly - defining what assumptions need to be prioritized, and developing it to launch readiness within a matter of weeks.

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Market The App To Acquire Users

Once you’ve launched a minimal viable product, it’s important to get customers to it. There are a variety of ways to get new users to your app. Find out where your customers are and look at how competitors are reaching them. Send users to your app in small groups where their behavior can be measured.

Even if you launch a great app, if you don’t know how to create and implement a strong marketing strategy, you’ll never get users. We work with app startups to help them identify the right marketing strategies to drive targeted traffic to their mobile applications. We know how to build a startup tech company, from development and funding to marketing and beyond.

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Gather, Measure and Analyze Data

Your MVP should be setup to collect specific data that will either prove or disprove your assumption. Specific metrics should be identified to help entrepreneurs decide whether user behavior suggests that the startup stay on the same path, or whether a pivot is necessary to better capture the market.

At ThinkLions, we have transformed dozens of startup ideas into effective MVPs. We know how to launch them and how to test them. As your app partner, we can help you set up the right tools to measure user behavior on your app, and help you analyze that data to determine how to make your application truly succeed.

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Create A Business Plan and Pitch Deck

Once assumptions have been validated and you have proven that your startup is on the right path, the next step is to build your investor kit, which includes a strategic business plan and a pitch deck. These items should be informative, well-developed, and should explain exactly how your team will move the app startup to success.

When it comes to building a startup, securing the right partners (including funding partners) is critical. Our business plan writers have created hundreds of business plans and pitch decks for app startups around the world; helping to raise millions of dollars in seed funding.

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Seek Funding

Building investor relationships is essential to securing the funds you need to push your validated MVP to a mass market. With an investor ready business plan and solid pitch deck design, you will have everything you need to prove to investors why your startup is worth their investment.

Building a startup company is much easier when you have the right partners on your side. Our pitch consultants and coaches know how to create a startup and can work with you to develop an ideal pitch to maximize your chances of impressing angels and VCs.

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Build, Measure, Learn

Even if you know how to create a startup, you also need to know how to keep it relevant. The mobile app industry is extremely competitive and successful apps must continue to provide users with the features and functions that they need most.

We focus not only making apps, but helping our learn what it takes to make a startup succeed. Through our experience, we know how to implement the right systems to help entrepreneurs identify what features are most important to their users - so that they can streamline the development process and offer users the solution that they really want.

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