App Business Plans

An investor ready mobile app business plan is an essential document for any app startup, especially those seeking to raise capital to develop their software. There are many benefits to having a business plan for app development in place before developing your software:

1) It helps you refine your idea by completely planning for all roadblocks, and how to pass them.

2) It presents a projected financial forecast to help prove the viability of your idea.

3) It allows you to explore your market, industry and customer, helping you maximize your oppurtunity.

4) It gives investors everything that they need to know about your business and your success plan.

As both an app development and app startup consultation agency, we are the nation’s leading experts for a successful mobile application business plan. Creating a business plan for developing an app is a detailed and thorough process. We know how to tell your story in the language that speaks to potential investors.

"I’ve never worked with anyone as good as the ThinkLions team. They have really gone over and beyond with everything, even things that weren't part of the job."

-Kubra Nas, Founder of Brilliant Rewards

Proven Business Plans for Awesome App Ideas

It takes more than just a great idea to secure investor funding. We create comprehensive business plans that present your app the way investors want to see it. Our app business plans are captivating, exciting, informative, persuasive and evidenced by hours and hours of research. ThinkLions plans are proven to get results. Generally between 30-50 pages, your app business plan will include:

An analysis of your app startup’s development and launch strategy, its offering to users, and business model. It’s more than just describing your app idea, it’s about showcasing why your app needs to exist and what value it will bring to the market.
An evaluation of your industry’s history, current state, growth trends, and revenue. An estimation of your market size using TAM, SAM, SOM methods, and focused research to define your particular demographic and ideal customer. Also includes a profile of your ideal consumers by demographic, background, personality, customer challenge and potential need for your app solution.
Getting users to an app requires a very well thought out and effective strategy. We detail the most optimal strategy for your specific mobile app concept, explaining each method that will be used to build brand awareness and bring users to the application. We consider every aspect of your app promotion strategy from beta marketing, to monetization, to customer acquisition, to retention and beyond.
A detailed description of your app startup’s plan for hiring & staffing, customer service and quality control, organizational and operational structure, and user navigation process.
A full analysis of your app’s direct competitors - including an assessment of competitive factors, and an evaluation of your app’s competitive advantage. In full detail, we explain why your solution is able to serve the market better, differently, or more effectively than your closest competitors.
Using the data collected through our research, our accountants will prepare a fully editable and easily updatable 3-5 year financial model. This model is built in Microsoft Excel, includes an editable ‘inputs’ dashboard, and details all necessary financials statements: Profit & Loss, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, Valuation, and Capital Requirement.
Apps don’t build businesses, people do. Investors want to know who will be leading the business, and why those individuals are qualified to lead the startup to success. We provide detailed descriptions of each team member and manager on your team to best demonstrate to investors that your team can handle the challenge of bringing the app to life, and growing it into a top mobile solution.
We analyze all collected data and present the best potential exit strategy options; bringing the entire mobile app business plan together and showing potential investors what type of return they can expect.

Whether you are pitching friends and family, an incubator, angel investors or a VC, successful capital raising starts with a ThinkLions business plan!

There are THREE Major Reasons WE Should Write Your Mobile App Business Plan

Discovery & Research

Because we only write about mobile apps.Not restaurants, not massage studios, not spaceship companies… just mobile apps. We specialize, and we know more about mobile app business plans than anybody!

Discovery & Research

Because we’re not just consultants… but a team of highly-skilled developers. We don’t just know about what it takes to get your app funded, we know what it takes to get it built. We are the dream team when it comes to developing awesome mobile app business plans.

Discovery & Research
Discovery & Research

Because we’ve done numbers! Hundreds of startups helped, and millions of dollars raised with our mobile app business plans. We know what the investment process is like, and our experience benefits our clients in a major way!