From App Idea to App Success:

It is a huge leap between a mobile app idea and a funded, active and successful app startup. Our app process includes several steps to creating an app, resulting in a smooth workflow throughout the entire development process. Each of our projects go through several application development stages to ensure that your project is executed in the most effective and efficient manner.

Step 1: Idea Development

Transform Your App Idea Into A Feasible Startup Concept.

We don’t just develop awesome mobile apps, we help create real app businesses. Our experts help to define your idea into a real launchable business concept by researching to identify if a market exists for your app, and diving deep to determine whether your app idea has the potential to succeed in the current market.

Step 2: Securing Seed Funding

Develop your investor package.

Our startup experts know the ins-and-outs of securing mobile app funding and pitching investors. During this application development phase, we help you discover the best funding options for your app startup, build your investor-ready business plan and graphically enhanced pitch deck, and help you develop your pitch to ensure that you have everything needed to gain the attention of your initial investors and lenders.

Step 3: App Development

Use Lean Startup To Build Awesome Apps.

Our process of developing an app is centered around agile development and lean startup methodology. Throughout the mobile app development process; we launch new versions, allow them to be tested by real users, analyze the feedback, and implement new ideas as we build subsequent versions of the app. Throughout the development process, we seek to maximize efficiency, decrease development costs and improve the app on each iteration.

Step 4: Testing

Test Your App, Analyze Results.

Each time we launch a new version of your app, our marketing team will help bring in new users to test it. By analyzing each user’s behavior, we can validate whether we are on the right track or whether a new strategy is necessary. The data we collect from this step in the app making process will allow us to identify new features to implement as mobile app development lifecycle circles back to the Idea Development Stage.


Let's turn your idea into the next Big Thing, together.

A Proven Approach To Developing Apps:

Our app development process is efficient and transparent, and has been proven with the dozens of successful apps we have developed in the last several years. We implement the following steps in developing an app:

Step 1: Discovery & Concept

Visualize Your Idea With A Wireframe

Our process of developing an app starts with research and discovery. We want to know everything there is to know about your project, your market, your competitors and your needs. With several highly-skilled UI designers on our team, we will outline each necessary app screen and detail the relationship between each screen.

Step 2: Design

Creating a stunning design to match.

Apps are all about initial impression and we have a strong passion for creating stunning app designs that WOW users. Our design team approaches each project with a combination of science and art, not only creating an awesome app design, but developing a visual experience that will pull users to your application. In the mobile application process development flow, design is the first time you really get to visually see what your app will look like once developed.

Step 3: Develop MVP

Develop A Minimal Viable Product.

Our team understands what it takes to build an app the right way. Using the most up-to-date development practices, our expert developers can bring your MVP to life in as little as 12 weeks (or less)! We are completely transparent throughout the entire app development process, ensuring that you are constantly updated on the progress of the project.

Step 4: Marketing, Evaluation and Iteration

Get Users, See What They Like, and Keep Building

There’s no point in building an app if no one is ever going to use it. Our experts will help you market your app to the right people, evaluate their behavior while using the app, and identify what needs to be accomplished to launch an even more successful second version. The app development process is never truly over. As we introduce new iterations, we will continually find and implement new opportunities to improve the app for further success.