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We build innovative apps using lean startup methodology.

How To Create An App

Developing an app can be a risky venture without the right strategy in place. At ThinkLions, we follow lean startup and agile/SCRUM methodology to build fundable and scalable software.
Our app process includes four phases:
App screen design
First-version app development
Testing and updates
The wireframe and blueprinting stage is an essential step in building successful software. In this stage, proper research is critical. We examine who your target customer is, how they navigate and use apps, and how they are currently solving their challenges. To illustrate our findings, we build detailed wireframes – colorless mockups of each proposed app screen.

Our team knows how to create an app from the initial idea stage and how to build sophisticated software that is simple to navigate. At ThinkLions, we begin each project with a period of in-depth research. We learn everything we can about your project, your market, and your competitors so that we can build the best user experience. With several highly skilled UX/UI designers on our team, we can turn your idea into a winning app.

With wireframes complete, you now have a clear plan for your app’s look, functionality, and layout. The app design process brings life to the wireframe by introducing color, customizing icons and buttons, and using cutting-edge design practices to create unique visuals. 


ThinkLions’ expert designers know how to make apps that stand out among the competition. Let us work with you to professionally design each app screen and ensure that your software leaves a lasting impression on every user.

Successful startups don’t launch full-fledged apps initially. Instead, they build first-version minimal viable products (MVPs) that only contain the features that are core to the software’s performance. Instead of risking resources building out every function imaginable, and hoping that it’s what users want, they launch minimal apps, test them with real users, and build new features based on real data. 


Our developers are knowledgeable and know how to code using the most up to date practices. We assign an expert team to each project, consisting of UX/UI designers, iOS developers, Android developers, web developers, and more. With experience across a range of coding languages, our team can help you successfully launch your software.

The development process doesn’t end once you launch your app. As users adopt your app, it’s crucial to track and analyze their behavior to identify the strengths of your application and define what features are ideal for future updates.


We can create your app from the ideation stage, bring it to fruition, and run real market tests to validate every feature. Work with us, and we can help you get your app to the right people, evaluate their behavior while using the app, and identify what features can further strengthen your software solution. If you’re ready to build your app the right way, we’re the team you need.

Apps we’ve built:

Upstage Music Logo - app developed by ThinkLions pitch deck writers
We helped Upstaged Music bridge the gap between music lovers and performers.
See how Upstaged is changing access to music.
Upstaged app - developed by ThinkLions business plan writers

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Thinklions is your app partner.

The right team for your project.

Our designers and developers have vast experience in building innovative software solutions - from designing complex user interfaces to market validation, and everything in between.

A project manager to ensure success.

Our PMs know what it takes to create successful apps and can help you find the right strategy to build, launch, and validate your software concept.

The perfect tools for communication.

We use several platforms to make communication easy. With tools like Slack and Trello, you can speak with our team at any point throughout the project.

“With the help of ThinkLions, I secured my first $150,000 investment and have been afforded the chance to pursue my dream”.
Donovan Wright, CEO

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