The Best App Startup Growth
Strategy For Each Business Stage

The world is full of great app ideas – unfortunately, very few of them will ever reach the App Store. Even with a great business plan, the vast majority of new apps are bound to fail. And for the very few that do manage to survive the first year after launch, only a small fraction Read more

Startup Valuation: What Is
Your Pre-Revenue Startup Worth?

For a pre-revenue startup, calculating a startup valuation can be confusing and challenging. From the founder’s point of view, they have an awesome idea, a minimal viable product and some traction – and if you ask them, their app has the potential to serve millions of users and create billions of dollars in revenue. Ask Read more

How To Come Up With
The Right Name For Your App

For most of us, our name existed even before we did. In anticipation of our arrival, our parents went through an ultra stressful process of narrowing down dozens of potential names until they chose the perfect one. Luckily they did, because whatever your name is, it has followed you throughout your entire life; and in Read more

11 Ways To Ensure
A Successful App Launch

To the masses, it may seem like successful apps just pop up one day and achieve magnificent success without much effort. However, anyone who has ever launched an app before knows the truth – a successful app launch takes serious work and getting people to your app is not easy. While a great app idea Read more

The Most Important App Metrics
To Track For Startup Success

The great baseball legend Yogi Berra once said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” While this lesson is applicable across almost any area of life – it’s especially critical in app development. Here’s the caveat; while an end goal is of critical importance, what is equally as important Read more

How To Start A Tech
Company Using Lean Startup

Launching a tech company of any type is an intimidating process. First-time entrepreneurs often have no idea how to start a tech company, they just have a great idea and a desire to win. Unfortunately, a great idea isn’t enough. There are many steps between the idea stage and the rapid expansion stage; and if Read more