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How To Start A Startup

It takes much more than just a good idea to build a successful startup. At ThinkLions, we don’t just help entrepreneurs develop their products, but we teach them how to start a startup with minimum risk and maximum potential. No matter what type of startup you are building, there is a process for ensuring that your idea has the potential to capture the market and scale widely.
When we help entrepreneurs build startups, we implement Lean Startup Methodology with a
Build – Measure – Learn approach.
Build a minimal viable product (MVP).
Measure data from real market tests.
Learn what the customers want.
Repeat the process.

Getting your solution in front of customers is an essential step in creating a startup. Many entrepreneurs spend too much time trying to build the perfect solution. Successful businesses, however, put the product in the hands of users as soon as possible and continually perfect it based on the results of market tests.

Start your startup by launching a product with only the bare and core features. Get it in front of real users, track metrics, and monitor how they adopt and engage with it. Prove your concept and validate demand before expending all of your resources on building out your full product.

Our team has worked with thousands of startups, helping them define their MVP strategy and launch incredible products. We know how to start a startup properly by defining what features need to be prioritized and launching them within a matter of weeks.

After launching a MVP, startups must implement effective marketing techniques to drive customers to it. The strategy can consist of ad campaigns, email campaigns, or numerous other methods. Find out how customers find solutions to their challenges and focus on attracting them to your marketing funnel.

As new customers engage with your product, you should collect data and monitor how they behave. Find out what they like about your product and what they don’t like. Set up engagement tracking tools like Google Analytics to track their behavior. The more you know about your customers, the better you will be able to serve them.

Even with a great product, you’ll never get users without the right strategy in place. ThinkLions works with startups of all types, building marketing strategies that attract early adopters with the lowest possible acquisition costs.

As new users come in, we collect data to either validate your startup concept or pivot and maximize its market potential. Our experts monitor specific metrics to analyze how users are using and engaging with the product.
After collecting metrics about your product and users, transform the data into a real strategy. Form new assumptions about what your user is looking for by monitoring things like cost per acquisition, conversion rate, retention rate, churn, rating, and more.

Entrepreneurship is risky, but you can manage this risk with the right process. Our team has helped dozens of startups transform their ideas into launchable MVPs. We know what it takes to launch new products, how to test them, and how to use the results of the tests to improve the solution. As your app partner, we can walk you through the process of incorporating lean startup methodology into your launch and growth plans.
Now that you've validated your assumptions, it's time to scale your startup. Expanding your product and market base is expensive, and often, investor funding will be needed to fuel your growth.

Start building your investor toolkit by developing a comprehensive startup business plan and designing a great pitch deck. These documents should be informative, well-developed, and able to explain the steps you will take to bring your startup to success. Furthermore, it should showcase the data you have collected in previous actions and display how those metrics will lead to a significant ROI for potential investors.

Our business plans and pitch decks have raised tens of millions of dollars for our startup clients. With a team that includes startup consultants, financial experts, marketing strategists, and other professionals, we can give you the tools you need to feel confident when asking investors to partner with you.

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