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With the help of ThinkLions, I secured my first $150,000 investment and have been afforded the chance to pursue my dream.

Donovan Wright, CEO

You dream it, Our team plans it, so funders will fund it.

Organize your vision and maximize your protentional to land the funding your need to launch it.

You've got one chance to impress and investor or lender. Make it count.

Make sure your plan convinces investors the first time. Work with a team of consultants, accountants, marketers, and designers and make sure every aspect of your business plan is considered and perfected.

Let your team focus on what they are best at - innovating.

Writing a business plan is an overwhelming burden. But it doesn’t have to your overwhelming burden. Pass the task to a team of experts who know what it takes to impress angel investors. VCs, and lenders. 

Thinklions pays attention to pertinent details and adds viable info regarding King *** fabric softener IP startup.

Travis Grappo

Director of operations, Metro Diner

Time is not on your side. Make every second count.

Don’t let the business plan writing process delay your progress. Finish your comprehensive, investor-ready in 21 days so your team can move on to the important stuff – like reaching your funding goals.

Mike and his team were very responsive and they delivered high quality final products.

Travis Grappo

Director of operations, Metro Diner

Arm yourself with a winning plan for every funding situation.

A comprehensive business plan with everything you need to feel confident during your fundraising journey.

Showcase your plan: Investors and banks want to know that you have a solid plan and strategy for success. Work with a team of business plan experts to map out your journey from ideation to growth.

Understand your potential: Access deep research about your customers and utilize a flexible financial model to fully comprehend every aspect of your business, market, industry, and customer.

Model Viability: A successful startup requires more than a great product; it also needs to make money. Work with experienced financial modelers to prove the viability of your startup's business model.

Prepare for the pitch: Be prepared to explain the most important details of your startup launch plan and be prepared for the many questions investors and SBA lenders will ask before making a funding decision.

Present your case: Provide evidence that a market exists, that they experience a massive challenge, and that your solution is the most suitable to solve the needs of your target audience.

The ThinkLions Advantage

A team of expert startup consultants, marketers, financial experts, and designers creating effective business plan and investor package documents to help founders turn their ideas into fundable startups.

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A picture is worth a thousand words, a sample is worth one million.

The Making of a Winning Business Plan

Writing a business plan is as much of an art as it is a science. It’s similar to cooking, requiring a specific recipe but with a bit of finesse. A successful business plan has several required ingredients – but it requires an artists’ touch too.

Maximizing your startup’s potential at every step

Building a successful startup is hard, but we have the experience to help and support you at every step along the way.

4 Weeks Average Project Duration

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1,000+ Business Plans Written

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