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How to Write A Business Plan

Writing an effective business plan takes much more than just getting some words on the page. It is the playbook and story for how you will grow your business from where it is today – to where you see it in the future. It requires intense knowledge of product development, marketing, operations, finances, and team building – and deep market, industry, and competitor research to prove the case. At ThinkLions, we’ve written plans for hundreds of startups and have worked with investors around the world. And we have the right processes in place to deliver a top-class, investor-ready plan for any business.

Writing a business plan is challenging, but our team uses a simple four-step process that results in a full-scale, 30 to 40-page document that stands out to investors and prepares your business for successful fundraising.
We call it The ThinkLions Approach.

Discover the ins and outs of your vision through targeted questionnaires and an exploratory call.

Visualize the brand and business story – the characters, the plot, the competition, and the fine details.

Research the market, industry, customers, and competitors to find deep insights that prove your business case.

Execute by evaluating all of our learnings, developing all areas of the plan, and filling in any gaps for investor readiness.

We aren’t one of those teams that can write your plan in 48 hours. Why? Because we take the time to deeply understand your business, goals, and long-term vision. A great business plan starts with understanding all the nuances of the business, and we accomplish this by first providing a questionnaire. After writing hundreds of successful business plans, we know what questions to ask to align our understanding with your team’s vision. The process also includes a discovery session. During this session, you will speak with a dedicated project manager – filling in any gaps, outlining your fundraising goals, and discussing potential strategies.

Numbers and statistics may help investors make a decision, but it is the story that connects with and excites them. A business plan doesn’t just present information, it connects every element – the problem is proven by research, the research inspires the marketing strategy, the marketing strategy influences the financials, and etc. 


Throughout the process, you will have access to a full team of experts – startup consultants, writers, accountants, marketers, and researchers. This team will define the story and ensure that it is one that fully represents your business while captivating readers and motivating them to invest.

Building a business plan on assumptions is the same as building a brick house on a paper foundation. A good business plan must prove that a problem exists for a large number of people, that you have the right product/service to solve those challenges, and that those people are willing to pay for what you’re offering. 


Our experienced researchers will define the questions that need to be answered about your sector, industry, customers, and competitors – and use that research to develop critical insights, identify new opportunities your startup can take advantage of, and build a data-based financial model. 

Many business plan writers begin with this step, but for ThinkLions, writing the plan is the final step. We have a team of world-class writers who will take everything we learned about your business and transform it into a detailed, comprehensive, and compelling business plan. Our plans are full-scale, including everything you need to showcase your business from launch to exit. 


Feel confident knowing that your plan was written by the best – our plans have raised tens of millions of dollars for early-stage companies across every industry!

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Sample Business plans

Investors and lenders want to see a comprehensive business plan that shows how you will grow your business to profitability, step-by-step. ThinkLions creates thorough, detailed, and compelling strategies that win. Every plan is unique and custom-built entirely from scratch. To see the quality of our work, check out our samples.

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