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20 of the Best Pitch Decks That We’ve Ever Seen

Castle Adpushup LinkedIn Canvas SickWeather Match Box (Tinder) Airbnb TeaLet Moz (SEOmoz) Front Mixpanel Facebook Buzzfeed Ooomf (Crew) Pendo Coinbase Contently Yaydoo Backstartup Want to jump directly to our pitch deck infographic? Click HereGreat businesses are built on making great deals; and creating the best pitch decks with a branded pitch deck design is an integral part of presenting your startup to the people and institutions that can make great deals happen. Startups are fundamentally different than other types of businesses. Although they are relatively young in age and smaller than enterprise organizations, they hold the potential for explosive growth. Take a new pizza shop as an example – no matter how successful they are and how great their product is, it is not a startup because it is not designed for quick and rapid scale. As Paul Graham of Y-combinator emphasizes, a key to a startup is its ability to grow. Need Funding For Your App Idea? Download Our FREE eBook now! Learn the expert secrets behind building successful apps that attract invertors and get funded! DOWNLOAD MY FREE EBOOK Fundable startups sit in between the idea stage and the explosive growth – they have proven that there is a high potential for growth, but have not yet realized that growth. Usually, the thing preventing these startups from scaling widely is a lack of resources; they need all the help they can get to convince an investor audience that their growth potential is a real and likely possibility. While a strong presenter is necessary, nothing helps support an investor pitch like an awesome startup deck.Great pitch deck slides can’t be tossed together in a rush. The best slide decks are a mix of science, persuasion, and art – using each slide as another stroke of paint on the canvas. It can be tough to create a winning pitch deck without some inspiration, so here are 20 of the best pitch decks that we’ve seen over the years and the reasons we love them! 1. Castle Castle is an innovative real estate solution for rental property owners. This startup lives by the slogan, Put Your Properties On Autopilot! and exists to help owners manage their properties without the usual headache of being a landlord. Castle serves a niche target market so you may have never heard of them; but still, they have one of the strongest pitch decks and one that you can definitely learn from! Here’s why we love it: If you don’t know what a pitch deck is, Castle is a good representation of what a proper presentation looks like. Here’s what we like about it: The pitch deck has a modern and exciting design with visual aesthetics that draw in the audience. Starts off immediately by identifying the problem – “Rental property owners want to make money without the work of being a landlord.” This immediately gives investors an idea of why a solution needs to exist. Uses simple icons to explain each point, making it easy for the…

Need Funding For Your App Idea?

Learn the expert secrets behind building successful apps that attract invertors and get funded. Download Our FREE eBook now!