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App development can be extremely costly and risky if not done correctly. At ThinkLions, we follow a lean startup process to creating startups, and follow an agile/SCRUM approach to developing apps. We know how to create an app, and how to build a successful app startup, the right way. Our proven processes ensure that we create apps in the most efficient way - building apps that are functionally sound and allowing for quick market-readiness. We follow these steps to create apps that win:

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Wireframe and Blueprinting

Although this step is often missed by app developers, the wireframe and blueprinting stage is essential to efficient development. Blueprints plot out all the important factors of the app idea, allowing developers to fully understand the scope of the project before they create apps. Wireframes are colorless mockups of each proposed app screen that show exactly where elements will be placed on the page.

At ThinkLions, we know how to create an app from the initial idea stage - helping entrepreneurs understand what it takes to make an app that is simple to navigate and easily scalable. When we create apps for our clients, we start with research and discovery. We want to know everything about your project, your market and your competitors to ensure that we are able to provide the best product possible. With several highly-skilled UI/UX designers on our team, we know how to make apps that users fall in love with.

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App Design

Once wireframes have been completed, app entrepreneurs have a clear idea of how their application will function from screen to screen, and where different items will be placed (such as icons, content and etc.). The app design process brings life to the wireframe by adding in brand colors, character and personality to the app.

Our expert designers know how to make apps stand out among competitors with creative app design. We can work with you to design each and every page that your app needs and ensure that your app’s design leaves an impression on each and every user.

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MVP Development

Our team understands how to create an app the right way, and what it takes to do it successfully. Using the most up-to-date development practices, our expert developers can bring your MVP to life in as little as 10 weeks (or less).

Each project is issued it’s own team, which includes a variety of resources from designers, iOS developers, Android developers, backend developers, and beyond. No matter what type of app project you require, our team has the experience to bring it to life.

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Ongoing Testing & Updating

The development process doesn’t end once your app is launched. Once users start coming in, it’s important to track and analyze their behavior; learning about the strengths and weaknesses of the app, and defining what features should be made in future updates.

We know how to create an app from scratch, from the ideation stage, and bring it to fruition with real users. Our experts can help you market your app to the right people, evaluate their behavior while using the app, and identify what needs to be accomplished to make the app even more useful to users; based upon actual app data. As we introduce new iterations, we will continually find and implement new opportunities to improve the app for further success.

"I’ve never worked with anyone as good as the ThinkLions team. They have really gone over and beyond with everything, even things that weren't part of the job."

-Kubra Nas, Founder of Brilliant Rewards

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We Pride Ourselves on
Great Communication

At ThinkLions, we don’t just have great processes to create apps, we also have strong processes to ensure our clients are always updated with the progress of their project. When we build apps for our clients, we use a variety of communication tools including Slack and Trello; giving our clients a wide access to their entire development team. We update client applications on a bi-weekly basis to Test Flight and other relevant softwares so that our clients always know exactly where their project stands.

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Each client is also assigned a Project Manager - and each of our PMs know exactly how to create apps and bring them to the market successfully. Clients can easily reach their manager through Slack or e-mail, creating an open communication environment.

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We built our business on transparency. We know how to create an app the right way, and we can make sure that your app makes it to market in the most efficient way possible.

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